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#CleanUpCashOut Cashify : The revolutionary way to sell off your old mobiles and laptops

How Gabbar sells his old gadget of Cashify #CleanUpCashOut :-

Gadgets as we know are extremely fun to buy when you’re looking at all the possible options and as is often the case; the more expensive the gadget, more features it comes packed with. However, gadgets are an item that depreciates in value and therefore when we have to eventually sell an expensive gadget – mobiles or laptops after using them for a few years, the misery of selling it for a reasonable price is something that we’ve all gone through.

I had a peculiar incident myself when I was trying to sell of my Karbonn Titanium S1 mobile – 4.5 inch screen, 1.4 ghz processor, working conditions and absolutely fine running. I used the mobile for 3 years and decided in 2016 that it was time to sell it off.

I was very excited as I had bought the mobile for 9,000 and believed that it’ll easily go for 1500-2000, since mobiles with same specs are going at over 5,000+ in the market. However, I was in for a rough ride in selling off this mobile.

I went to the mobile shop closest to me and asked them to give the mobile a look and they did. One of the workers of the shop took a good 10-15 minutes look at the mobile and it’s operation and reverted to me “sir, it’s working fine, we’ll take it”.

I got excited and said “great! How much for this”?

And the worker replied “sir, 5 mei done karein (should we settle at 5)? I got shocked, I thought 5,000 for an old phone. Geez, that’s a surprise”.

I replied “5 mein, pkka naa” (5, are you sure)?

He said “haan sir (yes sir), 5 is genuine for this”.

I said “alright, DEAL”.

The worker gave the mobile to his owner and told him the amount that was to be given to me in a low sound voice. I went to the owner, who sat in the front of the shop and he looked at me, smiled.
He completed the formalities and as I expected crisp cash of 5000 worth, the owner handed me just one note of Rs500.

I stood there for a few seconds and asked, “sir, baaki ka” (sir, the rest)?

The owner looked at me and said, “itna hee to hai, aur kitna” (this is it, how much more)?
I replied, “sir your employee told me the price at 5.”

The owner laughed and said “beta (son), 5 means 500 not 5000”. You thought this mobile will go for that high?

And well, I could say nothing more. I said sir, is this the final price – any increase possible and the owner told me in detail why he wont pay me anymore, neither will any other shop.
In a nutshell, this is what happens when you sell to a shop and not to a trustworthy source.
My trip to the nearest mobile shop to sell a well working smartphone was more of a comic ride rather than a pleasant, money-making one.

However, things have changed now.

Cashify, which is regarded as the quickest way to sell off old mobiles and laptops has made life a lot easier for people that are looking to make money of their gadgets that are working but not needed by them anymore.

Cashify gives you an instant quote, with smooth selling of your item because of on-door pickup and upon verification of device, it gives instant payment. It’s truly a revolutionary way to sell your old gadgets.

All my readers using Cashify for the first time can use the code “CLEANCASH” to get additional Rs250 cashback on their first sale through Cashify. 
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