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The fictional stormer - into the land of Hogwarts

I met Harry Potter, I visited Hogwarts. Hermione, Ron, Professor Snape - met 'em all. How, you ask? Well, it was a journey like no other. A truly marvelous journey which will be with me forever. Hop on to the Tata Safari Storme, let me take you to a tour of Hogwarts - the way I saw it.. :)

As I enter the gate of hogwarts, I smell this beautiful cut grass in the lawn of hogwarts, the students learning the new tricks about magic. The smell was wonderful, the climate was pleasant, everyone was in the typical black blazers, I was in THE Hogwarts. As I looked around, I saw many faces that I recognized. I saw Hermione Granger, coming towards me.

Hermione : Hey, you new around here?
Me : Yea, I'm no magician like you all, I'm just a Safari Stormer.
Hermione : What's a "safari stormer"?
Me : Well, I like to explore the unexplored. I like to travel to new places, meet new people, talk with them - just like I'm talking to you.
Hermine : Right, good. Have a good tour, I've got some plans, cya!
Me : Cya..

This was unbelievable. Did I just talk to Hermione Granger? My my, this is a dream come true. And yes, it was my dream to talk to Hermione Granger.. :p

On a much serious note, how did I reach to Hogwarts? I could see my safari storme, possibly with which I came here but how did I reach to hogwarts - the land of magic? I remembered nothing, absolutely nothing. I didn't complain though, I was in the land of Harry Potter.. :D

I took a few more lazy steps in the magical place but professor Snape just couldn't see me happy. In his deep and heavy voice he said :

Snape : May I know, who you are?
Me : I'm Aditya..
Snape : I don't recognize you, how did you step a foot inside hogwards?
Me : No one stopped me at the gate...
Snape : well, I am.. Get out!

Here comes Harry Potter to the rescue...

Harry : Sir, he's new around here. He's a friend of mine and a new student of Hogwarts.
Snape : Is that so, harry? You know him or are you trying to save him?
Harry : I know him, as a matter of fact, even Hermione does. He's new, that's why you don't recognize him.
Snape : I see.. Telling lies will never be tolerated in Hogwarts but I'm sure by now, you're well aware of this.. Welcome to Hogwarts Aditya, do choose your friends carefully... Certain people here, can lead to trouble (looks at Harry)
Me : I will Sir..
Snape : Very well...

Snape walks away in his typical style, aggression on his nose and sheer power reflecting in his body language...

Me : Hey Harry, you saved me. Thank you, my friend.
Harry : Please don't mention, Hermione told me about ya.
Me : But, why did you save me? I know you but you don't know me.. I'm inside hogwarts by mistake, I wasn't stopped at the gate, I apologize..
Harry : No one's inside the Hogwarts without the supervision of our principal, if you're here, there's a reason for it..
Harry : Be careful, there are lot of people around here who can be damaging to you, make sure you're safe..
Me : I will..
Harry : I need to go and practice for the quidditch tournament, cya..
Me : Hey Harry, can I come with you?
Harry : You? If we get caught we'll be under severe risk but sure, I like risks.
Me : Aha! That's typical of you, my friend.. That's why you're so popular..
Harry : I am? Haha, some people would disagree...

Hurry up, Aditya.. We don't wanna be late...

Quidditch stadium it is... Full of brooms.. I look in the sky and THERE I see, the 3rd member of the gang - Ron Wisley, on his broomstick, trying to maintain a balance.. I tried not to laugh but couldn't resist. But then again, everyone else was laughing too. :p

Ron comes down....

Ron : Bloody hell!! That's some broom, you got there Harry.. Whose this with you anyway?
Harry : It's Aditya..
Ron : Whose he?
Harry : He's new around here..
Ron : I see.. Is he a muggle?
Harry : I don't know, I think he is.

This was all like a dream... I was in THE quidditch stadium of Hogwarts... Unbelievable...

Malfoy : Well well.. Who do we have here with Harry? Another friend of yours I'll guess..
Harry : Yes, he is my friend.
Malfoy : No wonder, I've never seen him because only unpopular people around here are your friends.. Haha! Who wanna be friends with Harry Potter... *Laughs*
Ron : Watch it, Malfoy..
Malfoy : oww.. soo sweet.. Defending your friend, huh!! And anyway, what is this new friend doing here in the quidditch stadium? No wonder, he knows nothing about quidditch just like Ron, huh Harry?
Ron : *stares at Malfoy*
Harry : No, I mean yes.. Uh...
Harry to me ( in low voice) : You know anything about quidditch? If I tell him your truth, he would tell it to everyone else and you wouldn't be safe around here.. What should we do?
Malfoy : I see.. I believe he does know about quidditch, is that it? Let's have a contest then, shall we? What's say, Harry?
Ron to Harry (in his ears, in a low voice) - Dammit Harry, your friend knows to ride a broomstick?
Harry to Ron : I don't know..

*Me thinking to self* - Boy! What do I do here? If I say Yes, I'm in trouble. If I say no, I'm in greater trouble.
Me : Yes, sure, let's go for it Malfoy.. (no idea why I said yes, I had no other option though)
Malfoy (looks around) - okay, you vs me, fine?
Me : Sounds good to me...
Harry to me - you know what you're doing, right?
Me : Yes, Harry, I know..

*Harry lends me his broomstick* I say no, but Harry insists....

*Off we go*.......

Me : woah woah woah!! This is fast... Dammit, how do I control this... Woho!!!
- Malfoy tackles -
Malfoy : Take that...
Me : Dammit, this is totally imbalanced. *Shouts to Harry* - how do I control this?
Harry shouts - I've no idea, try something, maintain your balance or else you're gonna have a great fall..

*and there it was, I lost my balance*

I was holding on to the broomstick, somehow, trying to but I knew I was eventually going to fall down. I looked around the beautiful hogwarts, I looked at Harry and Ron, I looked at Malfoy (having a evil laugh)...

*I fell from the broomstick* and BAM!!!


*Wakes up suddenly*

Me : Woah! What was that? Stares around the room.. Looks here and there.. *Confused* What was that? Was that a dream? Really? Dream?

Well well well... What a dream! I met Harry, Ron, Hermione, Malfoy and professor Snape, of course. I visited Hogwarts, I got a glimpse of Hogwart's life. Was this all really a dream? That remains a BIG question.. Did I actually visit Hogwarts and came back to real life because I fell from the broomstick? Was this a magical dream to Hogwarts via Tata Safari Storme? Whatever it was, dream or real, I'll remember it forever.. :)

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Aditya Jha Author

Aditya Jha is 20 years old and has had a passion for writing since a young age. He has had the great honor of being published in the book "blank space", which featured his fictional short story "a writer's tale". He has also published 2 ebooks - Best.Generation.Ever. and An Iron Lady (Autobiography on his grandmother's life). He has great passion for speaking and is a Delhi University Debator - having won various laurels for his speaking.

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