Saturday, 14 December 2013

Gift Of Life - Living It The Right Way

Santa Claus is coming to house - yes, Christmas is just a few days away and this is an ideal time to gift your children something special. What could possibly be the best gift? For me, a toy or a playstation wrapped in a gift box isn't ideally the 'perfect' gift.

We all are blessed with the gift of life but as we know, every gift has to be used carefully. The gift of life is one such gift which we all have but do we use it correctly? On this Christmas, give your children the gift of 'lessons' - telling them the right way to live life.

  • The Gift Of Integrity - integrity and ethics are the most valuable trades in a person. These trades make you stand out from the rest and make you 'special'. Many people would want to deem with these values but only a few in reality actually CAN. These your children to deem with these values because if they do - they wouldn't need to 'run after success, success would run after them'.
  • The Gift Of Passion - passion is in each one of us. But, this passion must not be misunderstood with 'over-passion', which results in dire results. We must be passionate in the work we do but we should also accept the fact that alongside success, failures are going to be extremely important curve of learning.
  • The Gift Of Will Power - today's competitive world isn't easy to live in and by the time, today's kids become tomorrow's future, this world will get more competitive. Hence, it is extremely vital to make today's young generation understand that 'will power' in today's world is sensationally important. No one becomes successful without a few obstacles in his/her way and that's what makes 'life' interesting and filled with 'surprises'. :)
  • The Gift Of Smile - Continuing from the last point, in this tough world and in the fight of life, we often forget the importance of 'smiling'. We should firmly believe that if our smile can make someone else in difficulty smile then 'our life is worth it'. We're all here to spread positiveness and it takes a whole life time to understand this but if these values are taught to today's young generation, the future shall certainly behold with itself something special. 
  • The Gift Of Competitiveness - the last and perhaps the most important gift from parents to their children - should be to gift them the 'power' to fight with their competitors. We get competitors not necessarily after we get matured, from our young days - competition is all around. It could be a match of cricket with your friends or a racing competition, being competitive is the need of the hour. 
These 5 gifts will not be wrapped in a gift box but wrapped 'from the heart' filled with love. Gift is something that should come in handy to the person you're giving it to and as parents, you'd certainly want to give your children something that will come in handy to them and what's more handy than teaching them about the 'gift of life' and gifting them with your 'teachings' and 'lessons'. :)

Aditya Jha Author

Aditya Jha is 20 years old and has had a passion for writing since a young age. He has had the great honor of being published in the book "blank space", which featured his fictional short story "a writer's tale". He has also published 2 ebooks - Best.Generation.Ever. and An Iron Lady (Autobiography on his grandmother's life). He has great passion for speaking and is a Delhi University Debator - having won various laurels for his speaking.

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