Friday, 27 December 2013

We CAN but WITH Beard, WE Can't. P.A.U.S.

Political leaders - the leaders of a country. The superpower of the world i.e. USA, president of which is Barack Obama to whom everyone looks upto. He is one such leader who has the responsibility of not only taking care of his country but also setting high examples for every other country to follow.

He has to always be well mannered, well spoken and well groomed. Imagine him with a beard, can ya? A well groomed man with beard - irony, as in, how can one be groomed and at the same time bearded!

Obama is the perfect example of how one should BE. His dedication towards his country and work, spending time with family, always being energetic and most importantly - being ready for the obstacles that come in his way - which he always overcomes with his will power. He's the MAN to idolize.

A man WITHOUT beard. A perfect man indeed. A leader who we all follow. A personality who drives the world. A president like no other. Barack Obama, you CAN!

WITHOUT beard, even WE can. :)

This is my 4th entry for Blogadda's P.A.U.S. contest.
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  1. I love your short and profound take on this topic :)
    Glad you responded to my tag...that too in lightening pace!!
    Cheers buddy keep writing. I am gonna respond to your tag early tomorrow!