Friday, 3 June 2016

RediGO – the perfect car, for all your needs.

Test Datsun Redi-GO on the streets of New Delhi for 1) speed 2) comfort and 3) safety

Datsun is a company that has time and again won the hearts of the Indian consumers by delivering on their expectations and in fact perhaps even going a step ahead and delivering on the ideas that pop into a customer’s head – Datsun already delivers on it. A successful brand is made by being a step ahead of the customer’s needs as it makes the customer feel in equilibrium with the income spent on the purchase of his/her “dream car” and we all know that it simply isn’t easy choosing the right car for you – from the times that owning a car was a luxury, today is all about choosing a car that suits your personality; your stature, your comfort, your family’s size – there are so many criteria’s and choosing the right car for you becomes such a mammoth car.

Datsun is a brand that is making great amends in the customer’s hearts in India by delivering on international standards and seizing to amaze it’s existing and new customers by it’s continuous evolving from good to better to perhaps the best in the Indian market.

The urban class of car owner’s demand that a car be efficient, safety equipped and high on comfort – the 3 essentials to owning the perfect car and while it sounds easy, it is a much harder job believe you me. The work for a car manufacturer is thus extended and the brain storming to deliver on customer expectations is not easy.

The Datsun redi-go comes as a breath of fresh air as the car in terms of exterior, interior and features is just from one look a class apart from others in the Indian market – it is simply outstanding to think of what the Datsun company is delivering upon and at such modest pricing, with Datsun very much a company for buyers across different price ranges; it does not discriminate between the high end and low end buyers and redi-go is just an apt example for the same. Imagine a car of redi-go’s quality available in the market at this price, it simply is appreciable to see the “perfect” car which even a medium price range customer can “own up for his family” – as a car becomes the asset of a family, something we love to showoff and be proud of.

A few features that make the Datsun redi-go special are :

1)      Energy absorbing steering and airbag : it is quite adamant to any car user in India that one thing that Indian cars lack is safety, the crucial aspect in a car has been simply overlooked for far too long and it’s Datsun that delivers on this important safety aspect in a price-range where such safety measures were unheard of. In fact, airbags it seems was a luxury to have in your car; a rarity in Indian car variants but Datsun yet again shows why it truly is a customer’s brand.

2)      Full economy : we as Indian consumers living in urban cities are driven by price points – as if running the home on a modest income isn’t enough, the rising prices of fuel make the life more miserable and therefore the mileage of a car counts a lot. The Datsun redi-go’s 799-cc engine provides a peppy and impressive fuel economy of 25.17 km/l. 

3)      Power windows : the ability to take in the fresh breath of air, driving on a road on which it has just rained – sync in the fresh muddy smell and relish the quality drive. The power windows of Datsun redi-go are seamless and make driving a lot more fun and less exhaustive – that’s the whole point of a quality car.

A good car is delivered when the brand is quality assured and puts the customer before it’s personal profit objective – Datsun is one such brand that deliver son customer’s expectations and while there may be other cars in the market; the features of a Redi-Go are simply unheard of and unfound in others cars of Indian market.

RediGO – the perfect car, for all your needs.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.
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