Tuesday 30 July 2013

Chat with HOMP's stars - Rocky & Mayur

I've always been an adherent fan of the show, Highway On My Plate (HOMP). It's been mere 5 and a half years since the show began but in such a short span of time, Rocky & Mayur are now household names. India is a country that takes pride in it's food and it's no exception that Rocky & Mayur apprehend the same views, they're as any sincere follower of the show would know - true foodies. It's not a show made solely for one particular type of audience, regardless of what your choice in food is, you just cannot stop but fall in love with HOMP.

It is relatively easy to understand why the show is so popular - it's watched widely by the people of India and appreciated/liked. Moreover, my whole family sits together and watches the show and we particularly love the style of hosting by Rocky & Mayur, it's not just food but beyond that. Whether it be a simple and humble request to the residents of a particular city to clean their streets or be more environment friendly or the food "quotes" at the end of every episode. Rocky & Mayur have plenty of followers just for their unique way of hosting which takes the show to a whole new level.

I got the terrific opportunity to have a chat with Rocky & Mayur on 28th July, 2013 (Sunday) via @Ndtvgoodtimes official twitter handle. I made the most of this opportunity and asked them (Rocky & Mayur) plenty of questions, the interaction was sensationally active and Rocky & Mayur very calmly and in a very humble manner, answered the questions that were asked to them. Some very usual and yes, some unusual ones too.

My questions to them are as follows :-

@Aditya_J6 - When it comes to exploring every look and corner of India, which city impressed you guys the most?

@rockyandmayur - 1. Lucknow 2. Bangalore 3. Hyderabad ...my food favorites in that order - Rocky

@Aditya_J6 - Would you eat in a lavishing restaurant with fine food or a small restaurant with good food?

@rockyandmayur - My taste buds only get fired by fiery good old fashioned INDIAN .. fancy places (MOSTLY) don't get it. - Rocky

@Aditya_J6 - To travel via the Indian roads such constantly is not easy. I'd love to know,how do you guys manage it? :)

@rockyandmayur - best friend, a mad crew, many laughs and a true love for our great country make hectic travel FUN - Rocky

@Aditya_J6 - Eating in metro cities is certainly easier, in smaller cities does hygiene and quality concern you?

@rockyandmayur - Small town eateries put a lot of love into the food. with the climate hygiene always a prob. own water must

@Aditya_J6 - You have been constantly travelling for this delicious journey full of food, how hard has it been?

@rockyandmayur - 6 years, 100, 000kms, 5000 meals, travel all over our amazing country. It has been a hard life :) - Mayur

@Aditya_J6 - In the 5 years that you've traveled via Indian roads, have you seen any betterment in Indian roads?

@rockyandmayur - They get better all the time ..and thank god for it ..Maharashtra / Rajasthan and Gujarat are good. - Rocky

@Aditya_J6 - During traveling, what is the source of entertainment for you guys? Does it at all get boring?

@rockyandmayur - Long chats with each other, loud music and many smiles - Rocky

@Aditya_J6 - I wonder to myself, how do you guys keep yourself so charged up during such an hectic schedule? :)

@rockyandmayur - The power of 2. At last 1 of us is always infectious full power - Mayur

@Aditya_J6 - During traveling, what is the source of entertainment for you guys? Does it at all get boring? :)

@rockyandmayur - Easy answer....off screen in our lives is even crazier than HOMP ;)

@Aditya_J6 - Okay, a contest - how many puri's you guys can have at one go? :)

@rockyandmayur - I'd say 30 ? 40 ? - Rocky

And that's the chat.. :) Do follow @NDTVgoodtimes on twitter to be a part of the future chats and follow the stars @rockyandmayur.

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  1. The best interaction on twitter. It's a lesson for brands to take. When you respond the love is abundant & you don't need to spend a zillion of your marketing budget to earn love & respect. Rocky & Mayur's interaction proves the fact.

    Aditya, thank you for putting this across. It was fun going through the recap of the interaction. Keep inking more !