Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A relationship that doesn't rely on "talking" but on faith and love

What is true love? I'm one of those guys that watches a movie, with a cliche ending, the hero meeting the heroine, falling in love, getting married and then they lived "happily ever after" and I actually like it. Is this true love though? Thinking about it, this is by no means "true love", fancy love you may say. :p A relationship isn't successful until both the partners have faith on each other. A relationship is like a car, that needs all the wheels to be in place in order to work properly. :)

We express ourselves to our loved ones through the means of "talking" but what if you were told that you cannot talk to your loved ones for a day, you'd have to express your thoughts through reactions, can you do it? Eventually, it all comes down to trust. The game of "blindfold".. If you're blindfolded and the person you love the most in this world, narrates the right way to you, wouldn't you follow him/her? I'm sure you would because so would I and this is trust and true love because no matter what, the person you love and the person who loves you, will always guide you to the right way.

Let me apprehend my point through an example. There's this 8-9 years old girl living nearby to my house, each morning I see her saying goodbye to her mother, by a "reaction". Mother replies with a reaction too, they don't speak, they just react to each other but that isn't the whole story... It wasn't until just a few days back that I came to know the real truth. The girl cannot speak and hear, her mother can... The girl and her mother need not to talk because they know each other so well, their love is so pure that just by the means of reactions, they understand the feelings of each other, this is true love. Isn't it? :)

The whole idea of writing this blog entry is to let my readers know about a story that I'm sure will inspire you all. Ask yourself, the person you trust the most in this world, can you narrate your thoughts to them without "speaking"? It's just a way of me telling you that "talking" isn't the only way of showing your love. Get this, you're in a restaurant and someone looks at you, smiles and you smile back, doesn't it feel good! Ask me, I've no idea why but it does feel good because one feels a connection.

A relationship that doesn't rely on "talking" but on faith and love - what are your thoughts? :)
Aditya Jha Author

Aditya Jha is 20 years old and has had a passion for writing since a young age. He has had the great honor of being published in the book "blank space", which featured his fictional short story "a writer's tale". He has also published 2 ebooks - Best.Generation.Ever. and An Iron Lady (Autobiography on his grandmother's life). He has great passion for speaking and is a Delhi University Debator - having won various laurels for his speaking.


  1. Indeed love without faith is nothing at all and a relation must have faith and understanding and love will follow..

    1. I complete agree with you, I'm glad my blog post was able to successfully narrate it's meaning..

      Thank you for reading the blog post :)