Monday, 12 August 2013

Sone ki chidiyan : Let's make the most of our independence....

"At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom" - magical words from our then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. India's fight for independence is one that to this very date fills my chest and every Indians chest with pride. I'm proud to say that we're a country that truly fought for each and every "breath of fresh air" that we inhale today, courtesy of which certainly goes to our freedom fighters that gave their lives for the country. I believe we don't often talk about them as much as we should.
The times are changing, the society is going through various changes and already it's hard to believe that their existed a man that chose the path of non-violence and yet, was the most feared by the people that ruled HIS country, I'm talking about "Bapu" - Mahatma Gandhi. We often not realize how much we can learn from Gandhi Ji, not only was he a man as opened as a book but a man that had the courage to take over anyone and concur anything through means of non-violence.

Already, it's so hard to believe that there can be a man like Gandhi Ji. We today live in a world where if you deem with ethics and integrity, you are misfit. This world is filled with diplomats who for their own sake will do anything but stop you from succeeding, only we need to realize that this was the case before too. What if people stopped "Gandhi Ji" and other freedom fighters? Did they stop? NO. Why? Because they had a clear aim and regardless of what challenges came in their way, they concurred them all.

15th of August is nearing, our independence day. It's a day on which we pay respect to our "jawaans" that fought for the country and because of whom, we now have the liberty to call ourselves "free". Yet, we aren't exactly free. There are certain parts of the society that still need to grow and develop as per the changes in the society. We must not live in the primeval times, it's time we step out from the old to the new.
Women must be treated with respect, child marriage, domestic violence are certain issues of our society that don't allow women to be independent in this "free" country of ours. Without more ado, it's time that we must look into these issues and allow women to truly live the way they want in independent India. Wishing you all a happy independent year ahead, do enjoy every moment of your life and at the same time, we all also must be thankful to all the freedom fighters because of whom we today live a independent life. Jai Hind! :)
Aditya Jha Author

Aditya Jha is 20 years old and has had a passion for writing since a young age. He has had the great honor of being published in the book "blank space", which featured his fictional short story "a writer's tale". He has also published 2 ebooks - Best.Generation.Ever. and An Iron Lady (Autobiography on his grandmother's life). He has great passion for speaking and is a Delhi University Debator - having won various laurels for his speaking.

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