Monday, 10 March 2014

A good smelling surrounding is equally proportional to good life

A bad smell can turn your good day into a bad day in no time. Smelly people - uff! Have you been in a lift with a person smelling, well, let's say 'weird'. Such people don't only make your life miserable just in the lift but ruin your 'good' mood.

Do you know that as per a fact, any person who smells good is perceived as much 'handsomer' or 'beautiful' by other people. Who doesn't want to be handsomer or beautiful - it's all about smelling good.

Our daily-life is surrounded with beautiful smells but it's the 'bad' smells that ruin the whole day, if there was no 'funny' smell - life to goody good ho jaaye. :D

Next time you smell someone funny or weird, go ahead and ask #whatsthatsmellboss.

Be it in the metro's, trains, flights, lifts or office/work environment - good smell makes your surroundings better.

A shower in the morning can change your whole day - being fresh and smelling good is just the right way to start the day.

Happy showering, say good bye to 'that' bad smell. #whatsthatsmellboss

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