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Kotak Jifi - bursting your fears of social banking with ease

Kotak Jifi - IndiMeet
New Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

My #JifiIsHere experience- New Delhi Meet at B-Bar

Statue of Buddha, outside the mall

My first IndiMeet and a one to remember at that. Held at the B-Bar, New Delhi - the meet began with a selfie-contest among the IndiMembers, where we had to take selfies with bloggers we DON'T know, it was the perfect opportunity to just relax and make new friends and that's what we all did.. :)

Getting to know bloggers, a pic :)

THE BIG question -  Was in the mind of everyone, whether sitting in New Delhi, Mumbai OR Bangalore, who is the guest coming for the meet? Along side this excitement, was AMAZING food and drinks. Free alcohol, delicious snacks and a room filled with 'awesome' bloggers, the meet began on a high note and it continued that way.

Me, speaking at the meet

Introduce yourself session-  IndiBlogger member, Nihal, called for IndiMembers attending their first meet to come forward and introduce themselves, let everyone know where they heard about IndiBlogger, how they joined and how the experience has been and I made the full use of this opportunity and spoke from my heart. Of course there were butterflies in my stomach, heart was beating at the speed of Usain Bolt but 150+ bloggers looking at you, willing to listen to you - that's what made me confident to speak from my heart and I did. :)

What followed next was special :>  Suddenly, all the 3 tv's in the room started and THERE he was - Chetan Bhagat, who was welcomed by a huge shout-out from all the bloggers at New Delhi. The intensity and excitement reached to new levels and the purpose for which Chetan Bhagat had come was to inform us about Kotak Jifi - social way of banking. After Chetan Bhagat, in New Delhi, we had Mr.Deepak from Kotak Jifi explaining us about their new venture in 'social banking' in detail and also taking questions and answering our queries in detail.

Senior management representative from Kotak Jifi, Mr.Deepak

Below are some of the key points about Kotak-Jifi Bank Account

Kotak Jifi, the social bank account - Chetan Bhagat and Mr.Deepak explained about Kotak Jifi in detail, they kept it simple and easy for all to understand. Everyone was getting a good idea about what Jifi exactly is - be it the 'new age social banking' part of it, or be it the perks it has - sharing it among your friends and earn 'reward' points which are hugely beneficial. 

  • Kotak Money-Watch - Keeping track of your expenses is no more stressful. You'll have the kotak money-watch platinum subscription for one year and that's just the perfect way to start banking socially. After all, safe banking is the priority of every banker. You can upload or forward your e-statement to Kotak money-watch, connect to your net accounts and see your net-worth, calculate your income-tax, you can access kotak-money watch even from your mobile phone, add alerts of your payments for services like electricity, gas, internet etc.

Truly social, truly easy to use- Not only does the Kotak Jifi bank account provides you with the perks of 'reward points' and the platinum subscription of one year for the kotak money-watch, you also get instant updates of your account via 'twitter'. Besides this, having friends on social networking sites will now be truly beneficial. Just share Kotak Jifi among your friends and this very sharing will earn you 'reward' points. As for getting account updates through twitter, you will be receiving 'DM' from Kotak Jifi, which is secure and private.

Loyalty points, explained in detail - Loyalty club will help you earn reward points, which can later be exchanged for lifestyle, shopping and dining vouchers. These reward points can be earned through - inviting friends, online transactions or as easy as liking/sharing Kotak Jifi account's posts/tweets - minimum length that a facebook comment must be is - 20 characters. 

Platinum chip debit card - With Jifi account, comes the platinum chip debit card, making it easier for you to withdraw money from ATM OR go shopping OR buying products online. The daily purchase limit on the card is - 2 lakhs rupees. 

  • Lost card liability- With banking cards, comes the tension of them getting lost and then misused in YOUR name. But with Jifi - every banking stress of yours is burst with ease. Platinum chip debit card from Kotak Jifi comes with the 'lost card liability insurance' - the insurance covers up any misuse upto 30 days or 7 days prior after you report the loss of the card. 
Do visit Kotak Jifi website and know more.

Credits - the first 3 images are taken by me, the Kotak Jifi banner is from their respective site and the photo of Mr.Deepak is from IndiBlogger's FB page.

Happy Jifi Banking! :)
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