Monday, 16 September 2013

WE care, the change is near...

India is a country that has often been labeled as one "run by the matured", I say this because if you consider the simple point that majority of our politicians are above the age of 50, it's clearly not a young majority running the government. Why is this so, one might ask! The answer is simple; becoming a politician in India isn't easy. It takes years to make a name for yourself and then only you get a ticket to become a MLA. College elections do take place but these elected candidates have to work extremely hard for several years to represent their respective parties at the higher positions i.e. MLA or MP.

USA, a country that is a benchmark for the other countries in various aspects depicts the same point. Barack Obama is 48 and is the President of USA. In India, at 48, you'd hardly see even a MLA. There are few but not many. Our country shouldn't necessarily follow the ideology that experience is everything, it is vital for sure but it isn't everything. We must change the system for more young politicians to come forward and join politics. Ask yourself - would you want to be a politician? If yes, why? And if not, why not, you don't want a change to happen? These 2 are very basic questions, finding answers to which is not an easy task.

Having said the above, things are changing. Youth of our country may not necessarily join politics but we've surely apprehended in the recent past that "WE DO CARE". The recent Gangrape case in New Delhi which put the whole country in a shock and dismay, saw thousands of young students gather up at India gate and protest, doesn't this show how much we care for what's happening in the society! This was all done without/under anyone's pressure, the youth had one agenda -strongly condemn what had happened. Similarly, when Anna Hazare gathered people for his "anshan", the youth of the country actively took part. We need more senior activists like Anna Hazare that have the experience of how things work in our political system but more importantly, people like Anna Hazare inspire the youth of the country to follow his footsteps.

All this is happening on the ground. Besides, I'm sure that each one of us has had a debate/talk/discussion with our family and friends regarding what is the current state of our country, what's the future and how we can work towards it's betterment, isn't it! This change in the society certainly brings about the point that the future of our politics might just see plenty of politicians around the age of 25-30, which will certainly be beneficial for our country. Young politicians will understand the requirements of country's youth very well and along with senior politicians, everything will fall into place and we can see a India that doesn't just rely on it's senior politicians but youth representatives/politicians too.

We care, the change is near.. :)
Aditya Jha Author

Aditya Jha is 20 years old and has had a passion for writing since a young age. He has had the great honor of being published in the book "blank space", which featured his fictional short story "a writer's tale". He has also published 2 ebooks - Best.Generation.Ever. and An Iron Lady (Autobiography on his grandmother's life). He has great passion for speaking and is a Delhi University Debator - having won various laurels for his speaking.

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